Accessibility & Accommodations Division

About The Division

The Accessibility & Accommodations Division facilitates disability, religious, and pregnancy/parenting accommodations for all faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate student employees, as well as job applicants.

The division engages in an interactive process to determine the appropriate reasonable accommodation for each person. The division also provides consultation and programming on accessibility issues (including physical, instructional, and digital accessibility) and raises awareness of disability as a key form of diversity.

Contact Us

Phone: 217-333-0885, option #1
Fax: 217-244-9136

Division Staff

  1. Kaamilyah Abdullah-Span, J.D.
    Interim Director­, Accessibility & Accommodations Division
  2. Datia Flowers
    Accessibility Specialist
  3. Keith Hays
    ADA IT Coordinator­
  4. M.T. Hudson
    Senior Accessibility Specialist­­
  5. Buffy Vance
    Case Manager­
  6. Monty Tufts
    Extra Help Office Assistant
  7. Nizam Arain, J.D.
    Acting ADA Coordinator