Report a Barrier to Access

Thank you for taking the time to lets us know about any barriers to accessibility at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Examples of barriers to access include inaccessible websites, videos without captions, a blocked access ramp, an inactive accessible door, or an inability to access an event or program.

Your responses will be directed to the ADA Coordinator. If you have additional questions or information you would like to provide, please direct your emails to or call 217-333-0885. Once your request is received, the ADA Coordinator will be in touch to provide you with an update on progress as it occurs. Thank you for taking the time to help us improve accessibility.

    Contact Information

    Please let us know who you are in case we need to follow up with questions or helpful information. You may submit the form anonymously; if so, you will not receive a confirmation of submission or subsequent follow-up information.

    About the Barrier

    Please indicate if the barrier encountered was physical, digital (e.g., a website or electronic document), or another type of barrier. You will be asked to describe the barrier later in the form.

    Photo of Barrier

    If you have a photo of the barrier encountered, please upload it below.

    Upload Document or Image

    If the barrier was due to an inaccessible document, you may upload the document below. You may upload an image if the barrier was not due to a document or you do not have access to upload it.