Academic Accommodations Implementation Review (AAIR) Form

This form should be used by any student seeking a formal review of a current instructor’s adverse academic decision related to the implementation of their current Letter of Academic Accommodation. Students who wish to use the informal review process prior to filing the formal review, should contact their DRES Accessibility Specialist as outlined in the Academic Accommodations Implementation Review (AAIR) procedures.  This process is distinct from the university’s procedures for investigating and adjudicating unlawful discrimination based on disability pursuant to the university’s Nondiscrimination policy. Students may file a complaint related to discrimination based on disability through the Office for Access & Equity.

Please provide your responses to the questions below and upload the current Letter of Academic Accommodations which is either 1) not being implemented 2) being implemented incorrectly or 3) been denied by the instructor of your current course.

Please note, your Letter of Academic Accommodations will not be shared with individuals outside of the Office for Access and Equity. By submitting this form you understand that the ADA Coordinator and Associate Vice Chancellor for Access & Equity, will discuss your current Letter of Academic Accommodations with individuals as written in the AIIR procedures to determine an outcome of your request for review.


    Contact Information

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    Instructor Information

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    Reason for Requesting Review

    To streamline the review process, please give us some information about the reason for your review request below.

    Select the response that most closely fits the reason you are requesting a review of your instructor’s implementation of your current Letter of Academic Accommodations.

    If you selected "Other" above, please briefly describe the reason for your request.

    Please explain why you believe your instructor’s implementation decision about your academic accommodations is incorrect. Below, please upload any documentation, including emails or other documents, that support your position.

    What remedy or solution are you seeking?

    Actions Taken

    Please provide information about the actions (if any) that you have taken to resolve your concern.

    I have discussed this with my DRES Access Specialist:

    I have previously engaged in the informal review process as outlined in the AAIR procedures:

    Briefly describe any additional actions (if any) that you have taken (Ex. Spoke to instructor, emailed instructor, spoke to Access Specialist, etc.), along with the dates for these actions, the outcome of the action, and any evidence to support that these actions were taken. (Please note that an outcome could include a lack of response to the action taken).

    Supporting Information

    Please provide any additional information and supporting documentation that you believe may be helpful during the AIIR review process.

    File Upload

    Upload any documentation including emails or other documents that support your position. You may upload up to three documents. Note: Do not provide any medical documentation with your submission.