Cornerstone and JDXpert Information

Cornerstone is the university’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It is the web-based tool that job applicants use to browse and apply for open faculty and staff positions at the university, and which search committees and HR professionals use internally to manage recruitment workflows. The new system, Cornerstone replaced the previous system, HireTouch, for all University of Illinois System campuses in 2022. Cornerstone will modernize the applicant experience, aiding in our efforts to recruit the best candidates to join us as well as presenting administrative efficiencies not available in HireTouch.

In addition to Cornerstone, the university has also implemented a new tool called JDXpert, to create and maintain job descriptions. JDXpert is integrated with Cornerstone to allow for a seamless process from job description to posting. It also features a searchable repository of job descriptions, templates, and electronic signature capabilities. These features will significantly streamline processes to collect signed job descriptions and allow for greater unit ability to update and modify job descriptions.

The links for job aids, training and FAQ will take you to the Illinois Human Resources website. These resources will assist you in how to create workflows in JDX and Cornerstone.

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