Affirmative Action Analytics & Planning Division

About The Division

The Affirmative Action Analytics & Planning Division administers campus recruitment and appointment processes, meets the University’s federal and state reporting obligations and produces reports designed to assist the University in recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.

The division offers workshops on inclusive recruitment practices, statistics on workforce and applicant diversity, and resources on the academic search process.

Contact Us

Phone: 217-333-0885, option #3
Fax: 217-244-9136

Division Staff

  1. Heidi Johnson
  2. Brandon Araujo
    Affirmative Action Data Analyst
  3. Zaheeda Darvesh
    Affirmative Action Data Analyst
  4. Kristen Frank
    Senior Affirmative Action Coordinator
  5. Terra Larsen
    Affirmative Action Process Specialist
  6. Kari Peacock
    Affirmative Action Process Manager­